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Finding My Books in Singapore


I love Singapore. My sister lives there so I've visited it quite a few times - it's friendly, safe, and interesting. I'm aware that last sentence makes me sound like I'm doing an Alan Partridge travelog but seriously - if we're ever invade by aliens who want to know our worth as a species then we should probably point them in the direction of the 'Pore.

While they're distracted by the chilli crab at the seafood market, I'll put a tarpaulin over Aberdeen.

Only kidding, Aberdeen! You have lovely forests. :-)

The last time I went to Singpore I felt like I'd arrived in the future. There's a boat in the sky and strange electric trees that I'm fairly sure have achieved self-awareness. In fact, a lot of my inspiration for the Leafen corporation in my upcoming novel Colours came from walking around the Gardens by the Bay.

It's a shame that Amazon don't officially support the use of Kindles in such a high-tech place. For that reason, I'm often asked how to purchase my books over there. I know that there are various things you can do to get a Kindle working in Singapore (VPNs, proxies and such), but if you prefer a good old fashioned paperback then I know you can find The End of the World Running Club on OpenTrolley and Kinokuniya.

Remember, if you're interested in finding out when Colours is released then please join my mailing list. I'll tell you the moment it's out, and you'll also get my first book, From the Storm, absolutely free.


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